archive 2016: Website updates / coming soon

27th December 2016:

-New article about The Hague coming soon.

26th December 2016:

-Merry Christmas dear readers.

-New article "On god: simplified arguments (2016)" under "Writing / Philosophy". I wrote this article out of using old notes when I used to study philosophy. It may help those who are either interested in religion or are studying religion. Speaking about religion to someone can get heated, and the academic philosophy of religion is detailed. I have aimed to keep it simple and objective for educational reasons.

23rd December 2016:

-Added sixth case The Prosecutor v. Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir under the article "International Criminal Cases" under "Writing / Philosophy". I feel this case highlights immunity of those in an official capacity under the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations 1961 and article 27 of the Rome Statute (irrelevance of official capacity). I may write about this in a separate article, or expand on the current article.

18th December 2016:

-Added fifth case The Prosecutor v. Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo under the article "International Criminal Court cases" under "Writing / Philosophy". I found Bemba to be an individual that unearthed an insurmountable amount of information connecting to the formation of DR Congo from Zaire, and its intertwining relationship with neighbouring African countries. 

17th December 2016:

-Article partially completed "International Criminal Court cases" under "Writing / Philosophy". 4 cases have been finished, I am expecting to finish the article on 10 cases.

10th December 2016:

-I am pleased to announce a new article! "Daylight Briefcase by Tom Bihn" under "Minimalism / Travel"

-New photo added under "About" > "Who"

16th November 2016:

An update on website progress: unfortunately articles are being delayed. I am currently enrolled on two different university courses in law while working full-time.

30th October 2016:

Dear readers, much of my time has been spent studying international law. This is the reason why updates to this site have been slower. Today I have been writing a new article on cases in international law. This will be completed later in the week.

Coming soon:

-10 cases on international law.

17th October 2016:

Coming soon:

-New article on statehood.

9th October 2016:

-New article finished "8 Questions on international law" under "Writing / Philosophy." Please enjoy.

7th October 2016:

-I have returned from my travels in the Netherlands. I will be posting articles this weekend, mainly on topics about international law.

30th September 2016:

-I will be travelling this coming weekend. Articles will therefore be delayed. Expected release date for next article will be 6th October.

28th September 2016:

-New article published under "Foreign policy news". It is a USA presidential debate special. I have outlined the main issues discussed in the debate.

26th September 2016:

-New article "Foreign policy news" published under "Writing / Philosophy". It is in the format of a blog, I plan to update this page frequently. I feel short bursts of exposure to what is going on the world is more appealing to write rather than academic text of foreign policy.

-Four new words: demotic, facile, atavistic and sycophant added under "Glossary" in "Writing / Philosophy"

Coming soon:

-Travel articles on Italy and France

-Reviewing/condensing articles in "Writing / Philosophy"

25th September 2016:

-New article published "Busy streets, casino glamour and temples in Hong Kong and Macau (2016)" under "Minimalism / Travel". Please enjoy.

-Two new photos added under "Press" regarding my writing for Harper's Bazaar magazine.

24th September 2016:

-Currently working on article on Hong Kong and Macau. 

-Currently working on new article on foreign policy.

19th September 2016:

-Updated map under "Press" to reflect visitors to September 2016.

18th September 2016:

-New article finished "On Minimalism (2016)" under "Minimalism / Travel". I enjoyed writing a meaningful article, which took three hours to complete in the early hours of the morning. Please enjoy.

Coming soon:

-Article on Hong Kong and Macau

17th September 2016:

-New article "Airbnb, panoramic views and cats in Athens and Hydra Island (2016)" under "Minimalism / Travel". Please enjoy.

-10 new words added under "Glossary (2016)" under "Writing / Philosophy"

Coming soon:

-Redesigning "Minimalism / Travel" to group the series of articles on different countries. It will be split up into "Travel" and "Minimalism distinctly on this page. At the moment, all topics are grouped together with no real separation.

-Article on Hong Kong and Macau.

-Q&A on Sky Philosophy.

13th September 2016:

-New article "Culture, creativity and Port wine in Porto, Portugal (2016)" Please enjoy.

12th September 2016:

-I have spent most of the evening working on the Porto article. It is near completion and should be completed by tomorrow 13th.

Coming soon:

-Article on Athens. Due to the popularity of the travel articles, I will continue this series as a priority. Athens will be first, and about six more cities to do after that. I enjoy writing these as it is informative and aesthetically pleasing for the viewer to see the images. Once these are complete, I will move onto working on writing about subjects related to philosophy, which employs more analytical reasoning and therefore more time consuming. 

-Planning to restructure the travel articles' display on "Travel / Minimalism". I would like to categorise these articles together so they are easy to access.

-Q&A article about Sky Philosophy. I have many exciting ideas for this. At the moment I have to tame this desire as I need to complete my other objectives.

-As a long term project, I have been editing my new novel "The Island" that I initially started on the 10th March 2016. Writing a long and coherent piece is difficult for me (circa 10,000-20,000 words), as I get overwhelmed by the amount of words. I either stop writing, change my mind on significant points during editing, or question the value of my intended message. I feel I am much more effective writing shorter articles.

11th September 2016:

I have been busy this week.

Coming soon:

Article on Porto, Portugal

4th September 2016:

-I have decided on a main photo for the new Seoul article posted yesterday. Top tip: when taking photos, take them horizontally, and not vertically. The main photo I wanted to use (a vertical photo) alters the layout arrangement of "Minimalism / Travel", so I decided to opt for a photo that was taken horizontally to keep with the alignment.

-New article "Brexit. What now?" under "Writing / Philosophy". This article is a transcript on a speech by Lord Davies of Stamford.

Coming soon:

-Article on Porto, Portugal.

3rd September 2016:

-New article finished "Lost luggage, business class and budget food in Seoul, Republic of Korea" under "Minimalism / Travel". Please enjoy. The main image of the article I am planning to change, but still undecided on what photo it should be.

30th August 2016:

-18 new words added in "Glossary" under "Writing / Philosophy". The new words are highlighted in bold.

Coming soon:

-What to do in Korea, what to do in Hong Kong, what to do in Portugal. The article on what to do in Korea I am currently working on.

29th August 2016:

-New article added "Coffee, chicken and sushi in Osaka" under "Minimalism / Travel". This took the majority of my day to complete, please enjoy!

28th August 2016:

Two articles in one day!

-New article added "Brief introduction to international law" under "Writing / Philosophy"

-New article completed: Where to go in Prague under "Minimalism / Travel" 

27th August 2016:

-Completed total redesign of Writing / Philosophy section. The layout is now better for desktop users.

25th August 2016:

-"Writing / Philosophy test page" layout complete. Currently in the process of adding back the links to the images.

24th August 2016:

-"Minimalism / Travel" section complete. It now looks better (photos have better alignment) for desktop users. There is no change for the viewing experience of mobile users. 

Coming soon:

-"Writing / Philosophy" design. I have made it visually better for desktop users, however this has now made it worse for mobile users. I am currently in the process of fixing this issue. I intend this issue to be resolved (and the temporary test page to disappear) by the end of the day. 

23rd August 2016:

-Added a sentence about photographs on "about" (above)

Coming soon:

-Currently updating site layout for desktop users.

-[3 hours later] Updates are going well, boxes are being fixed and new images for titles will be added. I have been mulling over different designs and layouts, especially for the philosophy section. I would like to group them in one specific area without taking up too much space. The new design has not been published yet.

22nd August 2016:

-New article "Wine, beer and coffee in Vienna, Austria" under "Minimalism / Travel" 

17th August 2016:

I have been travelling in Austria and Czech Republic. This has caused a delay on the Syrian article. 

Coming soon:

-Article on three places in Austria and Czech Republic.

7th August 2016:

-Updated map under "Press" to reflect visitors to August 2016.

Coming soon:

-Article on the Syrian civil war. Research has started today, it is expected to take up to two weeks to complete. By learning this, it leads to a greater understanding of what is happening in the world we live in today.

5th August 2016:

I am happy to announce the release of my new article "10 people" under "Writing / Philosophy". Please enjoy.

4th August 2016:

-Update on the new article "10 people"- I have completed the writing for all 10 people. I am currently proofreading this article and need to add pictures. It should be available by the end of the day today.

2nd August 2016:

-New article still in progress. Currently on number 9. 

31st July 2016:

Today I have spent many many hours researching and writing. I am looking forward to presenting the new article "10 people". I hope to complete it in the next few days. I am currently on number 7. What is fascinating to me is to see how people cope with their lives, and make decisions to better themselves.

30th July 2016:

-Added "Daily Aphorisms #34" under "Writing / Philosophy". Today's aphorisms are in the form of a photo of my writing.

Coming soon:

-Currently doing research for new article "10 people". This article will be completed within the next few days.

25th July 2016:

-Added new video under About > Who. It is a short video filming myself doing work. I hope you will enjoy it,

-Added new photo under About > Who. 

24th July 2016:

-Article "notes on ethics" finished, it can be found under "Daily Aphorisms (2016)". The reason why it is in this section is because my page limit on my site has been reached. I will need to sort this out, however I will not be deleting any content that is already on this site. 

16th July 2016:

-Struggling to find something meaningful to write about, my thoughts are with those in Nice, France.

8th July 2016:

-New article added "Iconic works" under "Writing / Philosophy".

I have worked through the night to get this article finished. As it stands, I have 7 iconic works. I will add three more in due course to total 10. I feel some may not be typically recognised as iconic, but rather simply something I enjoy. In any case, I hope you enjoy this article. 

4th July 2016:

Coming soon:

-I have been busy learning how to create music with a digital audio workstation (Ableton Live 9). My intention is to incorporate music on my site (that is optional for the user). 

-Due to this, the new article "10 iconic works" has been delayed. I aim to complete that this week.

28th June 2016:

Coming soon:

-Currently working on new article "10 Iconic works". It is taking longer than expected, there will be a mix of references, images and text to this article. My priority is the quality of work to ensure I keep it on point. 

-A long term project has been initiated- a story with philosophical themes. It is in it's early stages with a story line completed. This will take several months.

25th June 2016:

I am absolutely disgusted and shocked by the UK's decision to leave the EU. I voted remain. 

Coming soon:

-Article on iconic works, which will be completed this weekend.

19th June 2016:

Coming soon:

-Article on iconic works.

-Aesthetics of website (background, logo).

-Restructure of design for desktop users. This is in reference to the alignment of the images. At the moment this is causing a difficulty due to the coding of the website.

-Short video under "About" will be online soon. The timing of this is dependent on my filmmaker to edit the video.

-"Daily Aphorisms" article 

16th June 2016:

-Q&A article completion under "Writing/Philosophy". The new content is about defining existence through the work one does, inherited wealth, realism/idealism and other-identity. 

Coming soon:

-Redesign of website (wallpaper, logo)

-New video

13th June 2016:

-Media updates, I would like all of your opinion on the redesign of the aesthetics.

12th June 2016:

-After a busy week, I am happy to announce the new article "Story of someone 2" under "Writing / Philosophy". The story went through many edits, as I wanted to make the message concise. The drawings took me approximately three hours, and some drawings I had to re-draw due to bad lighting. I hope you enjoy the new article.

Coming soon:

-New media aspects to be introduced.  

-Daily Aphorisms.

7th June 2016:

-New article "Losing your passport when travelling" under "Minimalism/Travel" complete.

Coming soon:

-Story of someone 2 under "Writing / Philosophy"

-Once "story of someone 2" is complete, my intention is to write more "Daily aphorisms" under "Writing / Philosophy". It is something which I have been neglecting, and is important for me to write.

5th June 2016:

-Added survey form to two articles: "3 packing methods" and "Tom Bihn bag review" under "Minimalism/Travel"

Coming soon:

-Story of someone 2. I have finished the story of this, but have yet to make the images. This article should be finished later today.

-Losing your passport when travelling. I have written the basic structure and contacted banks as part of my research on this article. This will take several days to complete.

4th June 2016:

-New article "How to minimise digital possessions" added under "Minimalism / Travel". 

-I just learned how to create and use a survey form. I am quite excited about this and plan to incorporate this in a new article shortly.

Coming soon:

-Story of someone 2

-Losing your passport when travelling

31st May 2016:

-Today i deleted 100 photos on my laptop. Now that physical clutter is less of a problem, it has turned my attention to digital clutter. In the technology age, what do we do with all our photos amassed on our computers? I am planning to write an article on this.

-Changes of website aesthetics:

I have merged travel and minimalism together.

As you may have noticed, some articles have now been omitted. Just like a principle on minimalism, my emphasis is on quality, and not quantity.

All captions are now in bold for clear legibility.

Added new photo to articles "Keeping valuables safe when travelling" and "Minimising possessions" under "Minimalism/Travel"

Coming soon:

-The alignment of the photos on a desktop/laptop are still an issue. At the moment they appear in random sizes. I would like them to be an even square/rectangle in a row of two/three.

-Story of someone 2

-Losing your passport when travelling

-Digital clutter article

30th May 2016:

-I am proud to announce a new article "10 Airline safety videos" under "Travel". This is the first article I have incorporated YouTube videos. This is also one of the most time consuming articles I've written, I have watched many airline safety videos multiple times!

Coming soon:

-Redesign of website making the photos an even size for a desktop/laptop user.

-Story of someone 2

-Losing your passport when travelling

-Articles of "What" and "Why" under "About"

29th May 2016:

-New article "Other bag reviews" added under "Travel"

Coming soon:

-Airline safety

-Story of someone 2

-Losing your passport when travelling

-Articles of "What" and "Why" under "About"


28th May 2016:

-Currently undergoing a total redesign of the website. My focus is on the aesthetics of the website. It is important to maintain writing and philosophy, however I am focusing on minimalism/travel as a focal point.

With the coding of my website, aligning photos for readers viewing on a laptop/desktop is intensely difficult and frustrating. This however, appears fine on iOS/Andriod. 

Changes include:

-One navigation page per topic, after clicking the page, the different articles come up in the form of a photo. You can click the photo to read the article. This makes navigation on a mobile/cell phone easier.

-I have merged "Writing" and "Philosophy" together.

-I have merged the articles in "Travel" together, and changed the Who section to "About".


Coming soon:

-Articles on "What" "Why" under "About"

-Losing your passport when travelling

-Story of someone 2

-Airline safety

-Other bags review

24th May 2016:

-New article "Story of someone (2016)" added under "Writing". This is a short story with illustrations depicting a fictitious story of a person called Jason. This is part one of a two part story. The second part is about the life of a fictitious story about Peter. I believe the underlying message of the story will become apparent after reading part two. Please enjoy.

Coming soon:

-Part two of "Story of someone (2016)"

23rd May 2016:

-New article under "Writing" currently in progress.

Coming soon:

-Article on airline safety is not inspiring me right now. Yes it is educational and useful, but is not my current focus at the moment. I will be proud to announce a new article soon.


21st May 2016:

-New article "Tom Bihn bag review" added under "Travel." I have reviewed three bags here, the Aeronaut 30, Skookum dog road duffel, and Yeoman's duffel.

Coming soon:

-Article on airline safety.


19th May 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #33" added under "Writing". Calling them "Daily Aphorisms" lately has been redundant, as they have not been written daily since I have returned from my travels. This is something I am aware of. 

Coming soon:

-As mentioned on the 18th May, review articles on Tom Bihn products. This requires good lighting in order to take photos together with my review. I aim to complete it this forthcoming weekend (21st/22nd May).

-I have been watching many aeroplane safety instruction videos recently in order to see what they teach us, how much we learn and remember from them, and how it is presented. I will write my findings soon.

18th May 2016:

Coming soon:

-Reviews on Tom Bihn products; Aeronaut 30, Yeoman's duffel, Skookum dog duffel.

-Review on airline safety instructions.

16th May 2016:

-New article "My disgust of social media" under "Writing". This took approximately three hours to write in one sitting. I am uncertain that the content of this article strengthens or parallels the theme of my writing. My meaning is positive, but the delivery is somewhat negative.

Coming soon:

-Daily Aphorisms

-Q&A article completion.

15th May 2016:

-Added new article "Glossary (2016)" under "Writing"

-Article "Travel Advice (2016)" added under "Travel." More points on this article may be added shortly.

-Added one new photo under "Who"

-"Daily Aphorisms #32" added under "Writing". Apologies for the delay on not updating Daily Aphorisms sooner.

-Added location of visitors map under "Press"

Coming soon:

-Q&A article completion

12th May 2016:

-"3 places in Bangkok" article now complete. Earlier today, the article was not showing. It is now complete with all 3 places. Please enjoy.

-"Keeping valuables safe when travelling" article under "Minimalism" updated to review two recently tested products. A belt wallet and wrist zip wallet.

-"All clothing I own" under "Minimalism" updated, I discarded a grey Zara coat.

Coming soon:

-Daily Aphorisms. This takes a considerable amount of time for each statement to be analysed. This is on hold at the moment.

-Travel advice article.

-Q&A article completion.

-Including more photographs on site.


-Article on magazines

11th May 2016:

I have returned from my travels, thank you for your patience.

Coming soon:

-Daily Aphorisms. I am currently writing this at the moment.

-Articles on restuarants/bars in Thailand.

-Updating "keeping valuables safe when travelling" article.

-Travel advice article.

-Q&A article completion.

-Including more photographs on site.

2nd May 2016:

Dear readers, I am currently travelling and will be back on Tuesday 10th May. 

1st May 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #31" added under "Writing." 

Coming soon:

-"Q&A" article under "Writing" completion. Drafts of new questions and answers complete, in the process of rewording and editing for clarity and conciseness. 

30th April 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #30" added under "Writing". Reaching 30 is a pleasing landmark. Aphorisms 29 and 30 certainly require more thought than reciting my previously written notes. Additionally, the subject matter is fascinating to me.

-Added two new photographs in "Press" section. Featured in The Traveller magazine about the Southbank food festival in 2012.

Coming soon:

-I am currently working on Q&A article. I am not satisfied until this is complete.

29th April 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #29" added under "Writing". Today's Daily Aphorisms is particularly interesting, this is because all previous 28 Daily Aphorisms have been from past notes. When writing these aphorisms I usually work from my own base document containing 65,000 words. From today, all aphorisms will be written and composed from the present moment. The particular subject of today is obsession. Today's "Daily Aphorisms" also reflect my current lexis and writing style. Please enjoy.

Coming soon:

-Current planned articles at the moment is a continuation of the Q&A article.

28th April 2016:

-New page "Castle Boy" added under "Writing". This is a short story containing three different scenarios about a boy in a castle. Please enjoy.

-Daily Aphorisms #28 added under "Writing"

-"All clothing I own" updated. I discarded a pair of grey Reebok trainers.

-Added photograph in Q&A article under "Writing"

-Added two new photographs in "Press" section. One from an external website about my "3 Packing methods" article under "Minimalism", and another from a popular forum on the Tom Bihn website on my article "Travel with less than 5kg for 5 days" under "Minimalism". Also added descriptions of all press photographs. I appreciate the support. 

Coming soon:

-I am not content with my progress and must add more articles on minimalism soon. This week has also been met with less focus on my intended completion of Q&A article (which takes much thought and re-reading). This is due to preparing to travel outside the UK next week. 

27th April 2016:

-Daily Aphorisms #27 added under "Writing"

-Updated "Risk" article to correctly attribute the sensation seeking personality trait developed by Marvin Zuckerman.

Coming soon:

-Completion of Q&A article, this will be delayed until further notice.

26th April 2016:

-Daily Aphorisms #26 added

Coming soon:

-Completion of Q&A article

25th April 2016:

-I am pleased to announce the part release of my new article "Q&A S-I+W=EOS-I (2016)" (Questions and Answers of Self-Identity + Will = Expression of Self-Identity) under "Writing". It is partially completed, and will be fully complete by Saturday 30th April.

-Daily Aphorisms #25 under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-Completion of Q&A article and choose appropriate photograph for it.

24th April 2016:

-New short video added under "Who". I decided against a new "media" section, but rather include a short video instead. This was filmed in May 2013.

-Daily Aphorisms #24 added under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-Q&A critique under "Writing." My expectation of the published date has not been met, which is disheartening, but my dedication to this pursuit is strong. Currently on 3000 words.

23rd April 2016:

-"Daily aphorisms #23 added under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-Q&A critique. I have finished all the questions coherently and answers are currently being written. There are 28 questions. Answers must be clear. I am finding the questions challenging as there is always a "what if x?" to my conclusions. Creating a framework is easy, focusing on logical conclusions is challenging.

 22nd April 2016:

-"Daily aphorisms #22" added under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-Q&A critique still ongoing. Planned release is tomorrow. It will take around 6 more hours of focused effort to complete this.

-Media section. This is done with the intention for others to see who the writer behind the words are. I am assessing the relevance and importance of this.

21st April 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #21" added under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-Completion of critique Q&A article on "Self-identity + Will = Expression of Self-identity" under "Writing"

20th April 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #20" added.

Coming soon:

-Critique of "S-I+W=EOSI" article to be published in the next few days. My concern is the level of input in planned "influence" article. I will delay "influence" article to prioritise the critique of "S-I+W=EOSI" article. The quality of my writing is my utmost concern out of respect for my readers and to myself. 

19th April 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #19" added.

Coming soon:

-Currently learning how to edit video clips for planned media section (mini update: on hold due to lack of software)

-Past four hours I have been writing a critique on article "S-I+W=EOSI". The article is in the form of a Q&A. I will publish this in the forthcoming days. The article is as of yet untitled, but will be placed in the "Writing" section when finished. The subject matter discussed in "S-I+W=EOSI" is truly fascinating to me.

 18th April 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #18" added.

Coming soon:

-Article "Influence" under "Writing" proposed, planned completion date Saturday 23rd April.

-Assessments of site design and appearance, also thinking to include moving images and better visuals. 

17th April 2016:

-New navigation bar added "Press". This is where I put articles that have been published or exposure of articles from magazines/social media. At this stage, it is of reference to 3 articles: "3 museum cafes/bars in London" under "Travel" and "3 packing methods" "Travel with less than 5kg for 5 days" under "Minimalism."

Corporate message: If you would like to feature one of my articles in your magazine, or if you require an article to be written on relevant topic, let me know under "Who" > "Contact".

-"Daily Aphorisms #17" under "Writing" added

Coming soon:

-In preparation for Saturday 23rd April, using this week plan articles on "Fear" "Aggression" and "Influence". Plan is to feature an article a week. The first article being started will be on influence. 

-Assessing the site design, its aesthetic appearance and practical usage.

16th April 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #16" added under "Writing"

-I am proud to announce the completion of the article "Risk (2016)" under "Writing". Two new paragraphs added: "Necessity of risk" and "Conclusion".

Coming soon:

-Currently assessing options for new sections and articles in reference to minimalism and media.

15th April 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #15" added under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-Focus is currently on "Writing" section, in preparation for completion of "Risk" tomorrow. 

-Planned "Media" section, showing the location of where my work has been published.

14th April 2016:

-"Daily aphorisms #14" added under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-Review of pages under "Minimalism"

-16th April to complete "Risk" page.

-Currently planning to test if all my possessions can fit into three bags. May write an article on this.

13th April 2016:

-"Daily aphorisms #13" added under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-16th April to complete "Risk" page. 

-Review of pages under "Minimalism"

-16th April and 17th to piece together three upcoming articles under "Writing" - "Fear" "Aggression" and "Influence." This will take some time.

12th April 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #12" added under "Writing."

-"Risk" article under "Writing" updated. Included two new paragraphs: "Reducing the unwanted event prior to taking risks" and "An exigent agent of change"

Coming soon:

-Review of pages under "Minimalism"

-"Risk" article to be complete on 16th April- two more paragraphs needed: "Necessity of risk" and "Conclusion".

 11th April 2016:

-"Daily Aphorisms #11" added under "Writing"

-"All clothing I own" under "Minimalism" has been updated.

Coming soon:

-"Risk" article must be finished by the end of the week.

-Updating article "All clothing I own" under "Minimalism" as I have bought some new clothing.

-Planned article on all other items I own (excluding clothing) under "Minimalism". I am curious to see the amount of items I possess. This should be complete by Saturday 16th April.

10th April 2016:

-I have partially completed the article on "Risk", which appears under "Writing". I am slightly hesitant on publishing an article that is half complete, however I believe this pressure is beneficial for me. Please enjoy.

-Added "Aphorisms #10" under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-Completion of article on "Risk."

9th April 2016:

-"Aphorisms #9" added under "Writing"

-Renamed "Places" on the navigation bar to "Travel"

-Finished article "3 museum cafes/bars in London." I started work on this on the 6th April and I am happy to publish it for your enjoyment.

Coming soon:

-Article "Risk" under "Writing" currently in process. This topic is highly fascinating to me.

-Restructuring philosophy section. The above article "risk" is currently occupying my time.

8th April 2016:

-"Aphorisms #8" under "Writing" added.

-New article "If you could teleport 2..." added under "Places"

-Articles "Porto in pictures" "Siena in pictures" taken down. I feel the content was too little and not worthy of its own page.

Coming soon:

-Current focus is on high quality content. Saturday 9th April I endeavour to finish two articles - "Risk" under "Writing" and an article on cafes attached to museum/cafe under "Places". 

-Outlining a forthcoming article "On aggression" under "Writing" 

-Restructure content contained in Philosophy section.


7th April 2016:

-"Aphorisms #7" added under "Writing." I really enjoy and look forward to writing this page everyday.

-Added article - "If you could teleport..." 

-Added articles -"Porto in pictures" and "Siena in pictures"  

Coming soon:

-Tweaking ideas on articles suited to "Places". I am satisfied with current progress, but more to follow.

-Planned new article for Saturday 9th April - article on cafes/bars attached to museums in London. It will feature three places. Delay in publishing due to high resolution photos in the article.

6th April 2016:

-"Aphorisms #6" page added under "Writing".

Coming soon: 

-In the process of re-wording and re-structuring the articles contained in "Philosophy". My aim is to discard the irrelevant and make it more precise and lucid. I am considering to use bullet points instead of articulate prose. This will take some time.

-Working on articles about places around the world. New navigation title being prepared called "Places".

-Articles will include on museums/cafes in London, Portugal, Italy.

Due to the content containing high quality images, article on museums/cafes in London will be published on Saturday 9th April.

5th April 2016:

-Redesign on "Philosophy" section complete.

-New article "3 packing methods" under "Minimalism"

-Added "Daily aphorisms #5" under "Writing"

-Index page images for "Writing". "Who" and "Minimalism" complete (if for example you just click the word "Writing" on the navigation bar, images come up for each article)

Coming soon:

-Article on frequent flyer programs under "Minimalism"

4th April 2016:

-Added "Daily aphorisms #4 under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-"Risk" article on hold until further notice, articles under "Writing" section take time, effort, focus and much consideration and re-wording.

-Article on how to pack under "Minimalism." This should make it's debut tomorrow.

-Planning to redesign "Philosophy" section, having a new accessible format, making it easier for the reader viewing it on a mobile device. This should make it's debut tomorrow.

-Article on frequent flyer programs under "Minimalism." This should make it's debut tomorrow.

3rd April 2016:

-Added "Keeping valuables safe when travelling (2016)" article under "Minimalism"

-Added "Daily aphorisms #3" under "Writing"

Coming soon:

-Article on "Risk" in which I am still editing.

2nd April 2016:

-Added "Daily aphorisms #2" page under "Writing"

-Added "All clothing I own (2016)" page under "Minimalism"

Coming soon:

-Re-visiting "Expression within limitation (2016)" article to edit.

-Currently in the process of writing page entitled "Risk (2016)".

-Currently in the process of writing topic on travel safety, which should be finished by tomorrow.

1st April 2016:

-Added "Daily aphorisms #1" page under "Writing". I will be writing 10 aphorisms daily for your perusal.

Coming soon:

-After re-reading "Expression within limitation (2016)" a number of times, I am not fully content with the introduction of it (specifically on the origin of expression). I will focus on editing this for the next couple of days. The quality and clarity of my writing is my number one priority. 

-Page on "Risk" - this may take some time to write and edit.

31st March 2016:

-Partially completed "Expression within limitation (2016)" page under "Writing". Included a comment box to invite comments, in order to allow others to interact with the questions presented. 

Coming soon:

-Pages on "Risk" and "Aphorisms" under "Writing"

30th March 2016:

-Finished introduction for new article "Expression within limitation (2016)" under "Writing". The introduction is complete, but the main content still to finish editing. 

Coming soon:

-"Expression within limitation (2016)" completion is my current focus. It will be available soon.

28th March 2016:

-New page "travel with less than 5kg" under "Minimalism"

-Added an index of "who" to include "who" and "contact".

Coming soon:

-Further focus on minimalism pages, submitting to my subjective zeitgeist.

27th March 2016:

-"Travelling light" page.

Coming soon:

-Additional content, including photos, on minimalism.

26th March 2016:

-Added further articles under "Philosophy". This section is now finished until further notice.

Coming soon:

-Revamp of minimalism section, including new articles

25th March 2016:

-Added Wittgenstein articles and "existence of God" and "On truth" articles under "Philosophy."

13th March 2016:


-Added articles on Kant, Schopenhauer, Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard under "Philosophy"

Coming soon:

-Further articles under "Philosophy"

-Once "Philosophy" is complete, focus time on "Minimalism" section

10th March 2016:


-Added new articles on Heidegger and Sartre under "Philosophy"

-Added new article "Minimising possessions (2014) under "Minimalism"

-Split website into 4 main categories of content: writing, minimalism, philosophy and projects

-Redesigned "Home" page to include an updates / coming soon page

Coming soon:

-Article on "Travelling light" under "Minimalism"

-Article "Expression within limitation" under "Writing"

-Article "The Island" under "Writing"

-Articles on Kant, Hume and Wittgenstein under "Philosophy"