Martin Heidegger - being-in-the-world (2010)

We are thrown into this world, the possibilities of this world make our actions meaningful. As we are “in” this world, so do we encounter other entities within it.

We are existing with the possibilities in the world. We are aware of substances through the relationships we enter into them. A doorknob is for opening and shutting doors, by using it, we enter into the relationship with the substance. 

This world is not of our own devising, and we are thrown into it. Our mood is just as important as being-in-the-world. We would have no contact with other entities if it wasn't for mood. Our projections on possibilities can affect our mood. 

Just “I” is not enough, cogito ergo sum is inappropriate. This prioritises an isolated subject. This subject has to enter into relations with the world. Cognitive mental activity is not in the world. Our being is affected by the world. The world is not an individual. Language is a common possession. The world is not my possession. I have not invented possibilities. Possibilities are there to take in the world, or are there to create in the world.

In everyday existence, human beings are anonymous. It doesn't matter who does what task. The only thing that is yours is your own death. It is the possibility of non-existence. Our death reminds us of our possibilities we project ourselves over. All possibilities are public possibilities, and are available as matter of public choice. To be authentic is to take responsibility and make them your own. Attracting them to your impending non-existence of self.

Substances are there in order to do something. A substance is not aware of itself, it doesn't have knowledge, it is something to make use of. Existing in the world gives rise to possibilities of putting something to use. We decide existence through existing itself. Our existence is a question, for-the-sake-of-which. To exist through a journey for-the-sake-of-which; the possibility of doing something. As long as things work, we don't have to be aware of them.