Where to go in Prague, Czech republic (2016)


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1. U-Kroka

If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Prague, this is the place to be. Be warned- it can get very busy in this restaurant, so reserving a table in advance is highly advised.

Why is this place very busy? Its quality of food is top notch, with an incredibly low price to match.

I ordered three main dishes: the “svickova na smetane” (sirloin in cream sauce), the traditional dish “hovezi gulas” (beef goulash), and my favourite the stuffed chicken breast with vegetables “plnene prso”.

The order of beer, campari, three main dishes, chicken wings side dish, garlic soup and spinach side dish cost a total of 816 Czech koruna, which is a total of 32.60 euro.


2. Obyčejný svět

This is a great place to relax as it is hidden on a side street in Prague. Passers-by won’t be able to see into this restaurant/bar, as once you get to the entrance you have to walk down the steps. This means there are less tourists in this place as many visitors would like to see what they are walking into.

It has a great range of beers, and serves great priced food. It is a retro style bar, with vinyls and posters of musicians from the 60’s on the walls. It is a dark and quiet place with musical classics in the background, which is a perfect place to rest tired legs.

The service is excellent. The soup is highly recommended. Unfortunately I do not have a photograph of the soup, but they served them in beautifully shaped bowls.

2 soups, 2 beers, a sausage platter, chicken wings and a chicken caesar salad came to a total of 687 Czech Koruna, which is 25 euro. Very cheap!



3. The medieval tavern

The theme of this pub is excellent. It has been open daily since 1375. It takes you back time to the middle ages of knights, alchemists, farmers and executioners. The decorations, medieval music and interior design all support this theme.

It’s a spacious bar in a rectangular shape (the view from the outside makes it appear small, but walking in you can see the size of the bar). It plays music that takes you back centuries ago.

The quality of food and drink is standard, and it is a little pricey for a bar. What you are really paying for is the proximity to the castle (which is very close and a tourist hot spot) and the experience of being transported back in time. If you go at certain times, they also have a medieval show. For more information you can check their website.

I would recommend just having a drink here. They serve coffee and alcohol and a range of other drinks.



4. Other main attractions (and tourist hot spots) of Prague:

Astronomical clock - installed in 1410, it is one of the oldest clocks in the world. Every hour the statues on the clock move and plays a nice melody. Please note that a lot of tourists gather around every hour around the clock. Please take care of your belongings and be aware of those next to you. 


Charles Bridge aka Karluv most is another main attraction of Prague, and is a must visit due to the beautiful views of the castle from the bridge. It is a perfect opportunity to take a photo for use as a desktop background/mobile phone wallpaper!