wine, beer and coffee in Vienna, austria (2016)


Which one would you want to go to the most? *

1. Alter Bach-Hengl

Undoubtedly my favourite place to drink and enjoy an evening in Vienna, this place is on the outskirts of the city near the underground station Heiligenstadt.

Away from the tourists of the city centre, it is a place where locals relax and taste the home-grown award winning wines. Their wine tasting is three glasses of wine for 7 euro.

Their food offers a large selection including the famous Austrian schnitzel, along with cold dishes of ham, cheese, pickles and bread. Cold platters are perfect to accompany the wine.

At around 6pm on weekdays the place will be quiet; however it soon peaks at around 8pm when the locals sit down to drink. The atmosphere livens up with a live accordion and violinist playing classical music.

6 glasses of wine, a cold platter, soup and an apple strudel came to a total of 29.40 euro.

Recommended wine: the gold medal winning Chardonnay, and the white Rheinriesling.

2. 7 Stern Brau

7 Stern Brau is a large pub in Vienna that specialises in traditional beer using the finest malts, best quality hops and Vienna’s first-class drinking water.

The space of the pub surprised me, walking in you descend down the steps to a large open space, with plenty of tables to enjoy your meal and beer. It is a shame that I did not take more photographs of the space.

People can see the history of the beers on the walls, and most of the place is filled with local families enjoying a meal.

They are one of the few breweries in Vienna, and also serve carbohydrate rich food, perfect for accompanying all the beer that you will drink! I ordered the “7 Stern specialities” (the best of pork, chicken and green and white gnocchi topped with a mushroom sauce and gratin cheese) at 14.10 euro and “Mexican spareribs” (with fried potatoes, cocktail and chilli sauce) at 15.90 euro. The total of the bill with two beers cost 36.80 euro.

If you are in the UK, think Wetherspoons but an independent brewery with a better quality of beer and food.

The types of beer they serve include an incredibly hot chili beer, a sweet herbal beer, dark lager, banana aroma beer and standard lager.


3. Supersense

If you are into the trendy café culture of the hipsters, Supersense is for you. The closest underground station is Nestroyplatz.

Supersense is a multi-purpose space. It is a coffee shop, it is a shop of vintage analog products, It is a print workshop and a music studio.

The creative space also has a jukebox inside, which for 50 cents, you can choose which music you’d like to play. It is a perfect place to bring a laptop and focus as it has fast wi-fi.

The staff are friendly, and you can also purchase the unique cups they serve the coffee in.  If you visit on a hot day, I would recommend the cappuccino ice (3.30 euros). They also have espresso ice (2.30 euro), affogato (which is vanilla ice cream and espresso) for 3.50 euro.

Four coffees and a cake came to a total of 14.90 euro.